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errors "make"ing fvwm95 :(

I thought it would be fun to build fvwm95, so I got the file
fvwm95-2_0_42a-Autoconf.tar, unpacked it, did the ./configure
and then the make.  I got lots of interesting but not very
funny messages like:

gcc -o FvwmIconMan FvwmIconMan.o fvwm.o globals.o winlist.o xmanager.o
-L../../libs -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lfvwm95-2 -lXpm -lXext -lX11 
ld: cannot open -lfvwm95-2: No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [FvwmIconMan] Error 1


FvwmButtons.c:41: X11/xpm.h: No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [FvwmButtons.o] Error 1

I assume the first message is complaining about not being able
to find the fvwm95-2 libs, right?  Not sure about the second

The  /usr/src/fvwm95-2.0.42a  directory looks like this:

Fvwm.tmpl          config.cache       docs              
icons              modules
INSTALL            config.log         example.fvwm2rc95 
include            sample.fvwmrc
Makefile           config.status      fvwm              
install-sh         utils
Makefile.in        configure          fvwm2.BUGS        
libs               xpmroot
README             configure.in       fvwm95-2.xx.lsm    mini-icons

Did I get the wrong file?  Can anyone suggest what I should do?  (to
make this work,
that is !!!)

Ken Gaugler  
email: keng@aimnet.com  URL: users.aimnet.com/~keng
"The life of a Repo Man is always INTENSE..."

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