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Re: I'm looking for a demo user ...

> > - How do you manage updates? 
> > I've copied the debian distribution to CD. How to perform any updates,
> > when you cannot change the files on CD. Is it possible use a second
> > distribution on the harddisk, where I put only the files I want to
> > upgrade? 

> Sure.  I use the mirror program (in the mirror package, in the net directory
> on the FTP sites) to download a fresh copy of the Debian distribution
> every once in a while, then one can update the packages from there,
> either directly, using 
>     dpkg -i package.deb
> or through dselect, setting the access method to a mounted hard disk.

Another method that I like to use is Brian White and Robert Browning's
dftp program.  There's a new version currently in the Incoming directory
that's much faster than the older version.  It downloades the Packages.gz
files for the directories you're intersted (e.g. stable, contrib,
non-free) and presents you with a list of packages.  These are placed in
various sections: new upgrades, downgrades, new packages, ignored
upgrades, and ignored packages.  You then select the packages you want 
and dftp downloads and installs them.  This makes it very easy to have
your Debian system 100% current all the time and you aren't downloading
packages that you aren't going to install.


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