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Re: gcc can't find termcap library

danny@maxwell.ucsf.EDU writes:
> I recently installed Debian 1.1, including termcap.compat.  Since then
> I've installed a custom version of the kernel (2.0.7) successfully, so
> I figure that gcc is reasonably well set up.
> However, I tried to compile kermit 5A(190) and the make failed,
> complaining that it couldn't find -ltermcap.

The Debian termcap package is only intended for run-time use to allow
old and non-Debian programs compiled with termcap to work.  Any new
programs should be compiled with ncurses.

> There is definitely a file of the form /lib/libtermcap.so.?, but I
> guess gcc is looking for a *.a file.
> How should I go about fixing this?

You should convert the source and/or Makefile to use ncurses.

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