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NFS trouble

Debian guru's, 

Here I am again in need of some assistance with this new release.  I've
been using NFS over a SLIP link to my laptop to access resources on the
Debian box (like the CDROM, etc) with the R6 distribution for several
months.  Now, with 1.1 my laptop and another machine both using MiniLinux
I keep getting the following message when trying to NFS mount any of the
exported filesystems.

	mount clntupd_create: RPC: Program not registered

What's going on here?  I've checked the /etc/rpc file, and they're almost
identical on the two machines.  Have I forgotten to move something from
the old R6 system to the new one, or is there something else I need to be
doing to have this work?  I've copied the /etc/hosts.allow, hosts.deny and
so on from the R6 system.  To make matters worse, it DOES NOT ALWAYS NOT
WORK!  I understand this may not be (or is it probably not) strictly a
Deb1.1 issue, but was hoping to here something from the collective wisdom
here that might help.


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