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Re: Sound card IRQ


Thanks to Susan Kleinmann for her response:

> > Problem: sound module insists on looking at IRQ 7 ("sb: Interrupt 
> > test on IRQ 7 failed - device disabled" or something like that).  
> > Need it to look at IRQ 5.
> No, you didn't miss anything.  I, too, wonder why the default IRQ for
> sound cards seems to be 7, especially since that's the defualt IRQ for
> the parallel port on PC clones.  I believe this ought to be fixed in
> the versions of the kernel-* packages that are distributed by the
> Debian project.

>>From reading another article in this list, I finally found out the
solution to the above problem!

The argument to pass to the sound module is sound=[thing].  The details
for [thing] is found at:

For eg., my sb-clone's on port 220, IRQ 5, DMA 1, and under the details
of that page, classifies as a type 2.  This would work:
	insmod sound sound=0x222051

  Eric Liu (eliu@acs.ucalgary.ca) [ENERGi http://www.ucalgary.ca/~eliu/]

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