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nfs.o module in version 2.0.6

Dear users,

This is in reply to some of the queries regarding the nfs module in
version 2.0.6 of the kernel. At least two people have responded with
the advice to recompile the kernel which seems to be a succesful

I have discovered however that the problem lies with the module nfs.o
itself. Lazaro Salem (Lazaro.Salem@rf.no) was kind enough to send me
his recompiled version of nfs.o which works fine with the kernel 
supplied with Debian 1.1.3. Thus, a solution to the problem is to
merely recompile the module and not necessarilly the entire kernel. If
there is enough interest, I can upload the nfs.o module which Lazaro
supplied to me to some public site until the Debian maintainers fix
the problem. Please write me if you would like this to happen.


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