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RE: more info on PPP problem

I just finished fighting something similar. I think what's happening is that
the 'chat' section is not getting started. To test it, use the following 
command (but insert your info in the right places)

pppd -connect 'chat -v "" ATDT5551212 CONNECT "" ogin: yerlogin word:
yerpassword' /dev/cua1 38400 debug modem noipdefault netmask

Use /dev/cua0 for COM1, /dev/cua1 for COM2.
Replace 5551212 with your ISP's phone#, and change it to ATm0DT if you want 
the modem not to raise cain when it connects (mine's loud as heck!)

When it's done, and looks connected, issue 

route add default gw

Replace with your ISP's gateway address. If you don't know it,
they can give it to you.

This should work for diagnostic purposes, but sure is a pain to do each time.
I set up some scripts to do it all for me, works ok. Let me know if this helps,
if something needs clarification, let me know.

Good luck!

BTW, let me know if it works on your system..

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