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Re[2]: Is buzz-fixed (<- stable<- Debian-1.1.x <- Debian ) F

 On 29.07.96 17:27 Jim <jim@kasinet.com> writes:
 >Subject: Re: Is buzz-fixed (<- stable<- Debian-1.1.x <- Debian ) 
 > At 10:44 PM 7/26/96 +0200, you wrote:
 >> In my opinion (hope I am wrong) the buzz-fixed/ tree under 
 >> ftp.debian.org:/debian/ and the other directories pointing to it 
 >> symlinks (including stable/) do NOT reflect the changes made under 
 >> buzz-updates/ and therefore is NOT fixed besides its name.
 >Perhaps the mirror isn't up to date yet? (Just guessing).
 Jim the problem I mentioned  was fixed in the meantime, on friday 
 precisely (and maybe minor edges were ironed out during the weekend). 
 That's real fast! ... thank you again Guy for pointing it out in your 
 previous posting today. 

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