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Re[2]: Is buzz-fixed (<- stable<- Debian-1.1.x <- Debian ) F

 Nopp... it was not a mirror. As I said in my post I was pointing to
 ftp.debian.org. If you check there, there has been som reorganization 
 during Friday and Saturday by Maor. Read a previous posting by Guy 
 announcing the release of 1.1.2. 
 Follow this thread... I am checking things now and something does not fit.
 the files in question (Changelog under updates) at ftp.debian.org are not 
 readable now (maybe something is working on them?) 
 Happy Hacking.

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Subject: Re: Is buzz-fixed (<- stable<- Debian-1.1.x <- Debian ) FIXE
Author:  debian-user@lists.debian.org at cclink
Date:    27.07.96 06:39

> In my opinion (hope I am wrong) the buzz-fixed/ tree under 
> ftp.debian.org:/debian/ and the other directories pointing to it through 
> symlinks (including stable/) do NOT reflect the changes made under 
> buzz-updates/ and therefore is NOT fixed besides its name.

Perhaps the mirror isn't up to date yet? (Just guessing).

> P.S. It would be nice to have quickstart guide at hand to help Debian
> newcomers to understand/use dselect. Any idea? 

The main screen is quite informative, in the select option one can get
keystrokes help and that's all you need to know (IMHO, but ok I'm 
working with it for months now).


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