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Problem installing with NCR 53c8x0

I am using the boot floppy from the 1.1 distribution.  I have an
ASUS P55T2P4 (Triton II) motherboard with the ASUS SCSI adaptor
(NCR 53c8x0) and a generic ISA VGA video card.  The motherboard
has an onboard floppy controller, etc.

Here is a piece of the boot messages:

   NCR53c406a: no available ports found
   PPA: unable to initialise controller at 0x378, error 2
   scsi : 0 hosts.
   scsi : detected total
My setup is vanilla.  The BIOS sees my SCSI drive fine, but
the kernel does not seem to detect the controller properly,
and consequently does not find the disk.

I presume I need to make some simple change in the way I
am booting, but I don't know what that change is.  Could
you let me know?  Thanks.


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