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debian.93 and inn

Hello to all,

I have just changed from Slackware with kernel 1.2.8 to Debian .93 with
kernel 1.2.13 only to discover that it doesn't appear to come with the inn
news server.

After checking out the packages available for Debian, it appears that the
only inn package for Debian is the ELM version.

Rather than install Debian 1.1, I would prefer to stay with Debian .93
because my reason for changing from Slackware is it's general unreliablity
(and I have already spent a lot of time getting this far!)

Can somebody Please tell me the best way to get an inn news server on Debian

Or where to get a non ELM version to suit Debian .93?

Alternatively, can I just install the libc5 C library that the current inn
server depends on and then install the current inn server?

I have a running inn server on my Slackware setup that I could copy over,
but I presume that Debian would lose the dependancy checking abilities if I
use it?

Regards Chris Rhodes...

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