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Re: POP forwarding

Kai Grossjohann said:
> >>>>> "Douglas" == Douglas Bates <dbates@stats.adelaide.edu.au> writes:
>     Douglas> However, my Debian Linux machine can reach outside the
>     Douglas> firewall and access their home server for them.
> I think it would not be too difficult to write a POP proxy.  You write
> a little program that runs on your Debian box that pretends to be a
> POP server, but what it really does is to open a connection to the
> *real* POP server of your friends and forward all commands to that
> server.

There is a little program which comes with INN which can do this
(backends/rcompress.c). It can be altered to forward connections to any server
on any port. I've used it to forward NNTP connections past a firewall, using
tcp_wrapper in inetd to control access.

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