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Re: 1.1 Beta Install (11 June 1996 disks)

Chris Walker said:
> Andy Dougherty wrote:
> > 1.  My PS/2 mouse no longer works.  I'll try to track this down today.
> Try compiling the kernel with PS/2 mouse support in the kernel, rather than
> as a module. I can't use the kernel-image-1.99.7 for this reason, as lack of
> mouse support seems to cause X to hang the computer. I've reported this
> (Bug#3265), and if you can throw more light on it, I'm sure it would be
> welcome. I'm beginning to wonder whether this problem is a kernel bug.

I am using kernel 2.0, and I have the ps/2 mouse compiled as a module. It
works just fine. When I start X, a module 'misc' is loaded, which seems to be
a pre-depend for the psaux module.

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