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Re: DEBIAN Linux on floppy disks

> >>>>> "Steve" == Steve Preston <steve@eowyn.gte.com> writes:
> Steve> You need to 'split' the .deb files that are too big.  This
> Steve> requires dpkg-split, but I am not aware of a WIN95 version of
> Steve> this.  If you created a (relatively minimal) linux partition on
> Steve> your cdrom machine, then you could split the .deb files and
> Steve> copy them to floppies.
> Maybe it's easier to find a MSDOS port of GNU tar and then tar the
> required packages on multiple volumes which are then transferrable to
> the laptop.

What about setting up a serial link between the Win-PC and the laptop?
I honestly do not know wether Win95 likes serial links, but I definitly
know that my old 286 running DOS 6.0 is even able to export nfs over
serial line. I suggest using a zmodem protocol or something similar.
Any ideas?


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