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Re: login and bash on a hardwired terminal.

On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, Steve Preston wrote:

> One explanation that would fit this behavior is that your terminal is
> configured to expect more stop bits than the linux box is sending.
> When you are typing and the linux box is echoing, there are long
> pauses (relative to a single bit time) between each character.  With
> these pauses, it is irrelevant how many stop bits the linux box sends,
> since the stop bits blend in with the pause.  That is, the pause after
> a character consists of a bunch of extra stop bits.
> However, when the linux box is sending characters as fast as it can,
> then the start bit of the next character follows immediately after
> however many stop bits were sent previously.
> If the receiver is expecting 2 stop bits, and the linux box is only
> sending 1, then the receiver will detect framing errors or, if it
> ignores framing errors, it will simply get out of sync.  That is why
> you see only six characters instead of the 9 in the "Password:"
> prompt.
This is a very nice idea, except that it ignores the fact that getty can
print the login message to the terminal just fine. It is only login and
bash that don't seem to talk right. I don't see how getty could send slow
enough to not error and login not. They are both using the same driver,
aren't they?

Thanks for the idea,


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