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status and another question on the debian 1.1 beta (upgrade)

I have successfully installed (from scratch) the debian 1.1 beta on
two server machines (an i-386 and an i-486).  Everything seems to be
working as planned and I have no complaints.  I am getting ready to
*upgrade* my existing pentium machine (my main workstation) from
0.93R6 to 1.1 beta.  I have all the relevant notes on upgrading and I
think this should go smoothly.  However, before I do this I have one
simple question:

I have a couple of commercial packages: (1) Tecplot, and (2) NAG
Fortran-90/libraries.  Because these packages worked fine under
0.93R6, they obviously are a.out executables.  Will these executables
work OK under an elf-based system such as debian 1.1?  I have already
experienced a problem with NAG as I now have a mixed system that
includes libc5 (and not libc4) libraries.  My new v 1.1 systems show
both libc4 and libc5 in the installation, so NAG will probably work
with such a system?

Perhaps these questions would best be answered by the vendors (since I
did pay for them), but this information might be useful for the
community at large.

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