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Re: Upgrading 0.93 to R6 - problems

Dale Scheetz wrote:
> I don't think your problem has anything to do with ELF support. It has to
> do with SCSI support. You not only need to enable scsi support, and the
> specific disk/tape/generic drivers, you will also need to enable the
> correct driver for your interface card. Add all the modules to the list in
> /etc/modules, upgrade the modules package to a recent version and you
> should be ready to go. Check out the man pages for lsmod, insmod, and
> depmod to get started.

Thanks for the tip.

I allready enabled all the options mentioned above, including the AHA1542
SCSI controller, as static rather than dynamic modules.  I havn't touched
/etc/modules, but what shold I put there if everything I need is static?

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