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Upgrading 0.93 to R6 - problems


I'm trying to upgrade 0.93 to 1.1 according to Dale Scheetz' instrucions
but encounter a basic problem. (Posted on May 16th)

My setup - an IDE disk used for booting and as root, a SCSI disk used to hold
the debian packages (/mnt) I downloaded over the modem so far (i.e. I don't
have a full mirror of Debian with me).

Under the kernel which came with R6 I compile 1.3.100 with Elf support
built-in, but this new kernel can't recognize the scsi disk, even though
it is built in (i.e. not a module).  It seems to run fine other than that,
but it's unusable to me without access to my SCSI disk.

I suspect this is maybe because my gcc-2.6.3-5 doesn't let the kernel
image itself to be in Elf format (I think it doesn't support Elf).  I have
this suspicion since I was told this causes problem in other systems, but
I'm in a Catch-22 here - I can't install libc5 and the other Elf stuff
because the current kernel has Elf as a module, and I can't recompile
the kernel to have built-in Elf support because I can't find its source.

Can someone help me, please?


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