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Need testimonials for press release

I'll be making some press releases around the 1.1 release, and I need
testimonials and descriptions of interesting things that people are doing
with the system for use in the press release. Please take some time to think
about what you like most about Debian, and write it down. Write down what
you are using the system for. Send it to me directly, not the list.
Be aware that this stuff will be broadcast on the Internet and may end up
on the cover of commercial CDs containing Debian.

Your message should be in this form:

	To: Bruce@Pixar.com
	Subject: TESTIMONIAL: your_name_here

	You [may|may not] use my name in press releases and advertising.

	You [may|may not] give my organization or affiliation in press releases
	and advertising.

	My name is your_name_here, and I am a your_occupation_here with

	[Any amount of text on what you like about the system and what
	 you are using it for.]



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