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Re: really old bugs

Scott Barker writes ("really old bugs"):
> The mirror at debian.org is severely out of date. The mirror maintainer seems
> to know this, as there is a message there saying so. I was wondering if this
> was going to be corrected soon?

No, but it may be corrected eventually :-).  We're working on it.

> More importantly, I see bugs still listed (at the primary site) as outstanding
> which are over a year old! I can't imagine many of them are *actually* still
> not solved after that long. Is anything done to periodically clean obsolete
> bugs out of the list?  (Yes, I am offering to be the bug-cleaner-outer, if
> someone is needed for the task).

Steve Greenland is doing a reasonably good job of chasing up
maintainers with old bugs, finding packages whose maintainers have
disappeared, &c, but I imagine he could probably do with some help.

If you like you could just go through the old bugs trying to sort them
out.  This means you need to try to find out if the bug still exists;
if it does still exist you need to fix it yourself or get the
maintainer to fix it - be polite ! - or if the maintainer is too busy
or gone away announce that they are and ask for a volunteer either to
fix the bug or to take over the package.

If it doesn't exist you need to send a message to the person who
reported it, CC the bug tracking system at debian-bugs-done@pixar.com,
with the right subject line (Bug#<whatever>), and probably CC the
maintainer of the package, saying why you think the bug no longer
exists.  The copy to debian-bugs-done will, with the right Subject
line, close the bug report.


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