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sysklogd problem

     Hello, Im having a slight problem with the newest sysklogd from the
unstable tree.  I upgraded to 1.3-2 and now My named pipe /dev/xconsole
doesnt work from boot (I have to HUP the syslogd to make it start logging
to /dev/xconsole)

     The permissions on /dev/xconsole are

 prw-r--r--   1 root     root            0 Apr 13 10:10 /dev/xconsole

     The line from the syslog.conf that entails the named pipe
/dev/xconsole is

*.=notice;*.=warn;cron.none      |/dev/xconsole

     I looked through the /usr/doc/base/sysklogd and there wasnt anything
that really pertained to this, so anyway, Im at a loss.

     Also, My named used to startup quick at boot (even though I wasnt
actually connected to the network) and now it has to wait to time out to
continue to the next step in the init sequnece.  This is a tad annoying
and I wondered if there were any way to stop it (I hadn't looked at the
manpage as of yet for that, mebye there is a command line option).
Anyway, thanks alot.

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