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Re: BUG? /etc/cron.daily/find doesn't run

In article <319CCF2A.128C@vsl.com> you write:
>This raises a question with me. If I understand how debian works, even when
>a fixed base pkg gets updated on a debian system, this error with user nobody
>will still be there since it won't overwrite the passwd file. This isn't the
>best example of this issue. Another case is where, say, the default fvwm.rc
>file is revamped to be really slick and full of good stuff. When a debian user
>installs the updated package, again they may not even know about improvements
>in the config file.
>What is the mechanism for existing systems to determine if a package update
>contains an important fix or desirable improvement to a config file that dpkg
>doesn't replace?

The way I've handled it in my fvwm2 package is to run a best-effort
conversion script on user's .fvwmrcs.  That way they get something that
works, and that can be fiddled with.

Try it :>


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