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Re: 'unsupported packages' (was Re: uugetty?)

On Tue, 7 May 1996, Craig Sanders wrote:

> Here's a suggestion:
> If you're going to go to the trouble of compiling a missing program
> for your system, it's only a few extra steps to add the debian control
> files.  Then you can share your work with the rest of the debian user
> community.
> Doing this is fairly easy for most programs...large packages like base
> and libc are probably quite involved & difficult but something small
> like getty_ps should be easy.

It didn't seem so to me because getty-ps may conflict with agetty and 
mgetty. And it is easy to mess up your inittab by replacing a getty so 
you might not be able to login.

I don't have any information about Package maintenance yet.
What would you suggest to start with? What information sources are 

It's me, Manolo!

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