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Re: Must pppd be run by root?

On Thu, 16 May 1996, Richard Kettlewell wrote:

> I think `net' would be a good group name for this.

I don't like that.  'net' is far too general.  A group name like 'net'
would be used by a sysadmin for something like making all net clients
(telnet, ftp, irc, etc) group net, and executable only by group net (e.g.
750) as a way of restricting access to net services, or possibly as a way
of allowing certain users/programs to change vital network configuration
like routing tables etc. 

Group 'dip' already exists...pppd could use that.  It could stand for dip
as in the dip program for slip, or it could be more generic and stand for
"Dialup IP" 

How many people are going to want to allows users to run slip/dip, but not
PPP or vice-versa?

Probably not many, so I suggest just using 'dip' as a generic dialup ip
group. anyone who wants it more complicated than that can create their
own slip & ppp groups.


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