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Re: minicom..

In article <9605150131.AA29694@ic11.ee.umanitoba.ca>,
 <Richard.Dansereau@ee.umanitoba.ca> wrote:
>I'm trying to get minicom properly setup.  When I try to run
>minicom as a non-priveledged user.. I get the error that
>	/dev/cua1 permission denied
>The default permission settings on /dev/cua1 when you install
>Debian 0.93R6 is 660.  I can get things to work if I set the 
>permissions to 666 but isn't this somewhat of a security problem?
>Is there a secure way of setting this up?

The default in debian is not to make the programs that access
the serial port setuid, but to add users that want to access
certain devices to the device-group.

Edit /etc/group and add yourself to the "dialout" group.

>Also, when I was previously using the slackware distribution
>minicom was in color.  I currently don't get it in color in an
>xterm.  Does debian come with a special color xterm?

There is a color-xterm package available, but I don't know
if it installs itself as "xterm" or "color_xterm". In the
latter case, the "xminicom" script will reckognize it and
start minicom in color mode. Alternatively you could install
rxvt; it also does color. Just read the /usr/bin/xminicom
script to see what it does, it's pretty straigtforward.

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