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Re: fvwm2: button functions missing...

In article <9605131951.AA27020@alfredo.MIT.EDU> you write:
>I am using fvwm2-2.0.42-beta-0 on debian 1.1.
>I have just discovered that there are some button functions missing.
>The menu from the top-left corner does not appear when I click on the 
>top-left button. Also no list of windows when I click on the right mouse 
>The raise and lowering buttons on the top right work.

That's strange: one common reason for the buttons not working is if
you have Num-Lock turned on. But this causes all the buttons to stop
working. (This is due to the way that X11R6 treats Num-Lock as a
modifier, when previously it used to be just a key.)

Which .fvwm2rc are you using; one in your home directory, or the
system fall-back one, or maybe one of the ones from
/usr/doc/examples/fvwm2 ?

Did fvwm2 generate the .fvwm2rc automatically from your previous
.fvwmrc when you first installed fvwm2?

Please sent me your ~/.fvwm2rc in private email, and verify that the
following files have the correct checksums using md5sum:

f0e435e9aa405b7a8953f06731248d96  /etc/X11/fvwm2/system.fvwmrc
1b3f5c0059dcc294bd156b1b7febeba6  /usr/X11R6/bin/fvwm2

>(I also tried fvwm-1.24r-22 when I discovered this. But that one is
>worse: cannot open any xterm from the .fvwmrc file.)

Ditto, can you send me your ~/.fvwmrc

Debian fvwm maintainer

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