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Re: making sendmail not use DNS (Was: Re: diald)

Yves Arrouye said:
> I have them already for a long time. Sendmail still does DNS queries,
> for example to try to contact my smarthost. I could try to put just this
> one in /etc/hosts but I'm not sure it will suffice (I'll tell if it
> does).

I assume you are not using uucp, then. Try specifying the smart-host at it's
IP address like so:

define(`SMART_HOST', smtp:[123.456.789.12])


define(`SMART_HOST', smtp:[123.456.789.12.])

The [ ] are supposed to tell sendmail to *not* resolve the address, and use it
as specified. The second variation (with the trailing dot) probably isn't
necessary and may not even work.

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