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Re: problems compiling with R0.93

d94magth@isy.liu.se (Magnus Therning)  wrote on 12.05.96 in <3195BF9E.41C67EA6@isy.liu.se>:

> When I try to compile my own "hello world" program I get these error
> messages:
> gcc -g -o hello -L/usr/X11R6/lib hello.o -lXaw -lXt -lX11
> ld: Output file requires shared library `libc.so.4'
> gcc: Internal compiler error: program ld got fatal signal 6
> make: *** [hello] Error 1

I seem to remember that one from some time ago on (I think) the linux-gcc  

Just remove the -g. It's a problem in the binutils, but AFAIK you don't  
really need that -g anyway *in the link step*.

MfG Kai

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