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Re: tk & tcl and dependecies

I'm copying this to debian-user since others may be confused as well.

> I found that installing tk41 in stead of tk40 will break several
> dependencies. Packages exist that depend on tk40 and won't
> be installed easily with tk41. 
> Another thing is that those packages are compiled with links to
> /usr/lib/libtk4.0.so and can't work with /usr/lib/libtk4.1.so.
> (Because of this the dependencies are ok)

That's the way it was intended.

> But if they had been compiled to /usr/lib/libtk4.so or even
> /usr/lib/libtk.so this problem wouldn't occur. Should tk40 
> and or tk41 provide a package named tk? and should these packages
> provide the mentioned library names?

Tcl7.4/Tk4.0 and Tcl7.5/Tk4.1 are NOT fully compatible at the C level.
Binaries built with Tcl7.4/Tk4.0 are not compatible with Tcl7.5/Tk4.1
and vice versa.  To cope with this, the run-time packages are
completely independent.  You can have all of tcl74, tk40, tcl75 and
tk41 installed if you like.  Of course, you still only have one set of
development packages installed at a time.

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