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using args with spaces in genscriptrc

The HP Jet Direct network interface prints out a banner page for all jobs
sent to it, whether or not one uses ":sh:" in one's printcap file.

To turn the banner off, one must use a command of the form:
    lpr -h [other-flags] filename

I would like to be able to specify the '-h' flag to lpr in my .genscriptrc
file.  However, this has no effect:
    Spooler:  lpr -h

Enclosing the argument in quotes also fails:
    Spooler:  "lpr -h"
with the error message:
   sh: unexpected EOF while looking for `"'
   sh: -c: line 2: syntax error
   Broken pipe

Is there a way to set one of the variables in .genscriptrc to a value
that has an embedded space, or is there another way to accomplish the same

Susan Kleinmann

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