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Re: Locale in 1.1?

On Thu, 9 May 1996, Yves Arrouye wrote:

> The fact that nvi (does not) displays diacritic characters has nothing
> to do with the fonts, just to what isprint() returns. I had it work
> under Linux using a Slackware 3.0 distribution.
> typing diacritic characters tells they are not printable with LANG set
> to ISO-8859-1 :-( Is it a bug in the libc5 used with 1.1? A bug with
> me? In any case, it's annoying...

Errm... What you care about is LC_CTYPE (character set), not LANG
(language), methinks. Anyhow...  I've compiled my own fr_CA locale file. If
you're interested just e-mail me and I'll send you a copy. After that doing
"setenv LC_CTYPE fr_CA" will make nvi happy... assuming it calls
setlocale() somewhere. (I did a small test similar to yours and it worked
iff I did a call to setlocale().)

I'll probably do a set of Debian packages for locale support at some
point in the future... After I've done all the other stuff I have to do.


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