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Re: Locale in 1.1?

J. H. M. Dassen writes:
 > [Please fix your return address: "arrouye@marin" is incomplete]
 I know. Sorry, my dns domain name was not set. Should be okay now.

 > > I'd like to have some info about locale handling in Debian. The
 > > /usr/lib/locale directory has just an emty dir en_GB in it.
 > > 
 > > I tried to set LANG to fr_FR or ISO-8859-1 (which Linux should
 > > support) but nvi still does not display diacritic characters (I had it
 > > display them on a Slackware with ISO-8859-1). How can I correct that?
 > AFAIK the locale support doesn't set your display font.
 > Perhaps you need to do a setfont with one of the iso* fonts in 
 > /usr/lib/kbd/consolefonts ?

The fact that nvi (does not) displays diacritic characters has nothing
to do with the fonts, just to what isprint() returns. I had it work
under Linux using a Slackware 3.0 distribution.

Doing a little test:

	#include <stdio.h>
	#include <ctype.h>
	#include <locale.h>

	main() {
	    int c;

	    setlocale(LC_ALL, "");

	    while ((c = getchar()) != EOF) {
	        if (c == '\n') continue;
	        printf("0x%02d: %d\n", c, isprint(c));

typing diacritic characters tells they are not printable with LANG set
to ISO-8859-1 :-( Is it a bug in the libc5 used with 1.1? A bug with
me? In any case, it's annoying...


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