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smail ignores visible_name and from_field config settings

I have a home machine on which I would like to send mail to local users as
well as the Internet (when a PPP link is up).  I used to do this by telling
smailconfig that I am an "Internet site" with visible name "primenet.com"
(my Internet Service Provider's domainname).

This produced from fields like <localuser>@primenet.com, which is great for
me (birkholz@primenet.com is my account with my ISP) but not so hot for my
wife (lori@primenet.com is not an actual account) or for root
(root@primenet.com is not the right account).  I fixed this by adding

from_field="From: Matt Birkholz <birkholz@primenet.com>"

to the end of /etc/smail/config.

After upgrading to Debian 1.1beta (smail, this arrangement
does not work.  The from_field setting seems to be ignored.  All of my mail
is "From:  <birkholz@dagobah>" ("dagobah" being my local hostname).

Am I the only person who was / is trying to do this?  Has anyone succeeded?

Matt Birkholz <birkholz@midnight.com.>
Finger birkholz@primenet.com for PGP 2.6.2 Public Key ID = 74305425
Key Fingerprint = B3 34 FB 3E 3C FE E8 57  AA B4 B2 95 A7 C0 1E AF

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