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Matt Birkholz said:
> I do not have an /etc/papersize and I do not find it in unstable/Contents
> nor in /var/lib/dpkg/info/* (neither in a package file list nor in an
> installation script).  It seems a pity to have gone to the trouble of
> supporting /etc/papersize if it never gets created.  Perhaps I am missing
> it because I am running 0.93B4 upgraded to 1.1?

I am running a 1.1 distribution that I made on a clean disk.  I have most
of the Debian packages loaded onto this system.  The only packages that I
found which created or checked for /etc/papersize are tgif and a2gs. 

> Does latex/dvips support /etc/papersize?  What is the default papersize?

No, I don't think latex/dvips support /etc/papersize.  At least, I find 
myself having to go in and edit files like config.ps, etc.  

Susan Kleinmann

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