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Re: dselect

> I think I've got all the files now to upgrade to 1.1, but before I start
> I have a couple of questions. When I initially installed the stable version
> I managed to get it done, but I stumbled a bit with dselect. Does dselect
> expect the Packages file to reflect what files are available, or should it
> left intact?

You should go through the first two menu items in dselect, Access and
Update.  This will update dselect with the current list of packages.
Also, please update dpkg manually to the 1.1.5 or 1.1.6 a.out version
before running dselect.  Many of the new packages need the new dpkg to
be installed.

> When removing packages with dselect are the selected packages removed or 
> retained?  I had a bad experience with this. Dselect evidently worked 
> differently than I thought it would, and took a large bite out of my 
> system before I could get to the control C. 

Only packages you have marked for removal, by using either '-' or '_'
in the select window, should be removed.  All other packages should be
left alone.

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