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Re: error make-ing kernel 1.2.13

	From gli@interlog.com  Sat May  4 01:40:32 1996
	To: Ed Donovan <edonovan@world.std.com>
	Cc: debian-user@lists.debian.org
	Subject: Re: error make-ing kernel 1.2.13
	Well, you are not alone.  I also have this "problem", when I recompiled 
	this kernel the first time.  What you could do is: not select PPP when you 
	are in make config.  Then just follow the steps to finish the 'roll your own 
	kernel': make dep; make clean; make zImage.  You should not have any 
	error this time.  And if you really need PPP, you can use the PPP modules.
Thanks, it's amazing how happy you get not to be alone.  And that
report's excellent to hear because that's what I'm trying right now.  I
didn't think I could figure this out, but having sent for help, I had
nothing else to do, and I got a better understanding from the makefile
in that directory.  So I thought screw it, I'll make it without ppp and
can load it as a module.  Then I was kind of red-faced running make
config again and seeing that they *suggested* 'no' for ppp.  More than a
good suggestion in this case, it seems.  Now I can go to sleep believing
it'll come out right.  Grazie -- (I guess your host's in Toronto, but
your username has me feeling Italy :)


Ed Donovan			edonovan@world.std.com

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