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Re: Rawrite on Win 95 & NT

Bruce Perens wrote:
> rawrite2 works fine on my wife's Windows 95 system. Perhaps it's a flaw
> in my documentation. Did you uncompress the 1440_boot_floppy.gz file
> using the gzip executable that will be self-extracted from gzip124.exe ?
> You must uncompress the boot floppy, but need not uncompress the root floppy
> or any of the others. I think I'll make that simpler before the release
> happens.

Wow.  You're dead right.  Good call.

I guess beta tests serve additionally to figure out what type of _stupid_
mistakes people might make.  Glad I can be of help. :)

Now that I think about it, I hid this from myself (in the way that I
renamed the file for it's short existance in the dos world) by calling
it ``boot'' instead of ``boot.gz'' - failing to remind myself that it
needs to be decompressed.

Perhaps renaming these files to dos friendly names or creating similar
links would help the likes of myself.


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