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Re: gs shouldn't depend on svgalib

joost witteveen writes:

>>The gs package is compiled to use svgalib and X. This is a nuisance, I
>>had to install svgalib only for gs. I propose to split it in one for
>>svgalib only and another for X only.

Consider also the cases where the user wants svgalib but not X; and
also the case where they want both X and svgalib.  That's three
packages, or six if there're multiple versions of gs...

As for it being a nuisance, won't dselect just do the right thing for
you automatically?

>I'm sorry, but this is the way it has been decided to do it for all
>packages that could use more libs: simply make them decide on all
>libs. This makes installation much easier, while not adding too much
>disk space. Splitting gs in two would create 4 .deb files (2 for
>gs-2.62, 2 for gs-3.53). I'd rather answer about 2 emails/half year
>about gs depending on both svgalib and X than having to explain what
>4 gs packages is good for.

I agree with this.

Richard Kettlewell (Debian svgalib maintainer)
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