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Re: Hardware advice: seeking echoes of running Linux-PC clusters

Michael Meskes <meskes@Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE> wrote:
> Neil Turton writes:
> >   There is a loophole if there is a file-system problem on the root
> > partition.  /etc/init.d/boot will drop you into a root shell if the
> > root partition has serious errors on it.  Maybe there should be an
> > option for securing the console which would stop root shells from
> > popping up on the console without the root password being given.
> What version of sysvinit do you use? 2.60-1 has a call of sulogin in
> /etc/init.d/boot.

  Excellent.  I have sysvinit-2.57b-1, since I am following the stable
(0.93R6) distribution.  I was not aware that this issue had been dealt

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