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Re: smail append_header="..." problem

Scott Barker:
> But it's not a bomb. You're just helping the spammer along by showing him a
> bunch of examples of other people's junk mail :) You're providing them a
> service, and should charge for it :)

I see the smileys, but I still disagree.  There are people who don't
talk about mail bombs (and it is one) in jest.  They do it.  In doing so,
they cause trouble not for the spammer, but all users of all systems
and networks through which the bomb travels.

Mail bombing is easy.  Many people don't understand that it is wrong.  Or
why.  Jesting about it it doesn't discourage people from doing it.

Oops.  I'm beginning to sound as if I preach political correctness. 
Honest, I don't.  Cross my heart and hope to die.  I absolutely _revel_
in tasteless jokes.  Especially if they aren't funny.  But I've had just
about enough of mail bombing for this year, and it isn't even summer yet.
I haven't been mail bombed -- yet -- but I sometimes gets hundreds of
kilobytes of binaries in my comp.os.linux.announce moderator mailbox,
and I'm _not_ amused.

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