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Re: Mirrors et al.

On Wed, 1 May 1996 LeBlanc@mcc.ac.uk wrote:

> One irritating feature of dselect as it is at the moment is this:
> if I start dselect and add only one or two packages, it prints the
> entire list of packages on my screen, one by one, along with the
> 'skipping deselected package foo', or 'package bar is already installed'
> messages.  I would like to see these messages omitted, at least by
> default.

Having dselect going through all the packages even when you're adding one
or two is especially annoying when you're getting Debian from a
CD-ROM. Because then it takes something like 2-3 mins even if you're adding
only one package. That's basically what made me stop using dselect.


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