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Re: status of dftp and dpkg-ftp

> What's the current status of dftp and dpkg-ftp? Are either of them "official"
> debain tools? I'm looking for easier ways to upgrade my system than by
> mirroring the whole debian tree. (I just tried dftp-1.4 and had some trouble
> with the 'select' function -- the file produced for editing had a couple of
> bad entries, such as dosemu being listed twice, with the descriptions for
> ytalk and dosemu concatenated together after each of the listings).

The next release of 'dftp' (v1.5) has been ready for several weeks now, but
wanted to run at least one full test on it before releasing it.  I think I
finally got a full mirror of the system last night and am running the test
as I write this.

The bug you describe has been fixed.  The first one, at least...  I think
the second is just a symptom of the first.

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