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Re: status of dftp and dpkg-ftp

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

> From: Scott Barker <scott@galileo.cuug.ab.ca>
> > What's the current status of dftp and dpkg-ftp? Are either of them "official"
> I would like dpkg-ftp to become part of the "base system", which is the
> stuff that is a required part of Debian. It's necessary so that
> mostly-net installs would work. Dpkg-ftp has some bugs to be shaken out
> before that happens. Also, the installation menu in 1.1 doesn't set up
> PPP and SLIP for you, which is necessary for many network
> installations. So expect this in 1.2 .  The target date for that is 3
> months after 1.1 is released.
> 	Thanks
> 	Bruce

By way of a minor bug report.. when version numbers change, the files are
not always seen by dpkg to be newer, for example, I have a copy of lynx,
which is listed by dpkg -l as '2.4.2-2' but the version in /unstable/* is
listed as 'lynx-2.4-FM-960316-1.deb' ... now dpkg-ftp will fetch the file,
but dpkg thinks it is downgrading and balks...

I assume the lynx with the letters in the name is the newer... there have
been a few such packages in the past. '-force' usually works of course.

What about the idea of having an 'expert' option on dpkg that would prompt
you for 'y/n' if a particular force-option was necessary?

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