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Re: debian vs RedHat

Bruce Perens wrote:
> Isn't there a newsgroup "comp.os.linux.advocacy"? I have just shifted the
> mailing lists to Anders Chrigstrom in Sweden. Rather than burden him
> with another list, I'd prefer to see someone else run an advocacy list
> from their own site. Debian-user puts a significant burden on his system.

I, personally, would rather discuss debian related issues with others
that also use the debian distribution, that's the reason I'm on this
list and not c.o.l.a. I have no real interest in other distributions
other than to compare good and bad points with debian to further my
understanding of linux, in general, and maintaining an ISP specifically.

a) I would be interested in hosting such a list(s)

b) Is there a problem with using the word "debian-*" for such a list(s)

c) If anyone else is interested then please mail me privately

Mark Constable (+61 7 55275724) mailto:mc@motd.com http://motd.com

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