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Re: ne2000 problem

I have got Debian GNU/Linux installed with some packages, but I can't
get it too connect to the net.  A brief description (I have an NE2000
compatible card on io 0x300 and irq 10, I use kernal 1.3.37) elicited a
response that seemed helpful, but didn't solve my problem:

Bruce Perens wrote:
> I think you need to tell it "insmod ne io=0x300 irq=10", but I'm not sure.
> I handle this situation somewhat better on the 1.1 installation floppies.
> 	Thanks
> 	Bruce
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Here is a more complete description of the problem:
1) I didn't select any driver except 'dummy' for the Networking
drivers, since I didn't see anything that fit.
2) When booting (both when installing base system, and the first boot
of my system from the newly created system disk, it gave me some
strange messages (like this):

a) tpqic02:  IRQ 5, DMA 1, IO 0x300, IFC Wangtek (some other stuff) 
   tpqic02:  Settings:  IRQ 5, DMA 1, IO 0x300
   tpqic02:  reset failed!
   tpqic02:  No drive detected -- releasing irq and dma
b) ide:  buggy RZ1000 interface:  disabled read-ahead
c) ahal52x:  port test: failed
d) NCR53c406a: no available ports found
e) EATA0:  address 0x1f0 in use, skipping probe

Once booted, I logged in as root and tried 'insmod -v ne io=0x300
irq=10', but it responded:

reading 35 symbols
external bss size =      0

total module size =   4120
textseg  -> 0x00014000, size =   3768
dataseg  -> 0x00014eb8, size =    352
bss1seg  -> 0x00015018, size =      0
bss2seg  -> 0x00015018, size =      0
versioned kernel: no
versioned module: no
a.out kernel
a.out module
ei_debug undefined
ei_interrupt undefined
ethdev_init undefined
NS8390_init undefined
Failed to load module! The symbols from kernel 1.3.37 don't match 1.3.37

I don't know what this means (especiallly the last five lines).  What
is wrong?  How can I fix it?  I have some unix and programming
experience, but nothing to tell me what to do next.

By the way, the NE2000 card works fine under MS-DOS 6.22/Win 3.1 using
Novell Netware 4.

Thanks for any assistance.

Steve DeNeefe

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