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Re: Installation help

> It would be _nice_ to be able to install from a
> hard drive partition.

The next boot floppy will look for a base_1_1.tgz gzipped tar file
and install from it if it finds it. If it is in the top directory
of a mounted partition it will find it automaticaly. This is mostly
to avoid one question when using a CD-ROM root or disk-cartrige root.

> What's wrong with LILO?  It's always worked well for me.  For loadlin, don't 
> you actually boot dos before it runs?  That isn't really necessary, and
> probably opens you up to trouble from DOS viruses.

The new boot floppies install MBR and LILO. If you hold down shift when
booting you will see a prompt like "1234F: " with a number for each bootable
partition on your first drive. That will boot the partition you activate
using DOS "fdisk" or Linux "fdisk" or "activate". It also gives you a
second chance to boot from floppy by pressing "F", just in case you have
BIOS set up to boot from the hard disk always.


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