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Re: xconsole messages

On Thu, 29 Feb 1996, Guy Maor wrote:

> When you start xconsole, does it give a message "Couldn't open
> /dev/xconsole"?  Check the permissions of the file.
> Does stuff get written to the files in /var/log and not to the xconsole?
> Check the syslogd.conf carefully.  There have to be tabs between the two
> columns, not spaces.  Restart syslogd with 
> kill -SIGHUP `cat /var/run/syslogd.pid`
> Guy
Yes stuff goes to the log files. It just doesn't go to xconsole.
When I restart syslogd as you mentioned after xdm has started
and I have logged, suddenly xconsole starts to work. Why do I
need to restart syslogd for this to work?? Works great once I
restart syslogd.

Any ideas?


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