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Re: annoying terminfo problem

In article <m0tr57f-0000gjC@zaza.rw.sni.de>,
Gerd Bavendiek  <bav@rw.sni.de> wrote:
>working with rlogin on SVR4-Unices I sometimes encounter a very
>annoying problem:
>The output of a command is done only in LINE 24. 
>This unfortunately remains even after leaving my Debian session and
>logging in again. 
>Any hints ?

Yes, the linux termcap/terminfo entry on your SVR4 system
is probably a bit hosed..

Try to type this:

echo <Control V><Escape>c

or, alternatively:

echo "xc" | tr x '\033'

That will reset most vt100 emulators, such as the Linux console
and xterm.

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