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Re: The Nature of Yggdrasil

On Sat, 24 Feb 1996, ' ALLAN W. BART wrote:

> I went to my local Barnes and Noble superstore and saw the plug and play 
> Linux from yggdrasil, is this a really unique product- they do not have 
> an ftp site. your comments are welcome.

My first Linux installation a couple of years ago was an Yggdrasil 
plug-and-play; I was a relative Unix neophyte, and it sure was easy!  
Although I haven't looked at Yggdrasil recently, I think the other 
distributions have caught up in ease of installation/use.  Check out the 
current Linux Journal (http://www.ssc.com) for a comparison of Linux 
distributions.  I'd say go with either Red Hat/Caldera or Debian.

BTW - They do have an ftp site; ftp.yggdrasil.com.


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