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Re: Redhat versus debian

Douglas Stewart:
> > I have spent four hours online looking at the Linux world today, I must 
> > say that it is quite impressive for such a new operating system. So it 
> > looks like the choice is beteen debian and redhat, the latter has cd roms 
> > available, but no group like this. I would like to hear opinions on redhat

RedHat has a nicer looking installation tool (at least the X one),
but Debian has package dependencies.  RedHat has more packages, at least
more games, Debian seems (I haven't really used RH, just installed it) to
work more on package quality.  RH has several people working on it full
time in a company, Debian has several dozen people working on it whenever
they have free time (which is better? you decide).

> Also, it seems like I saw one announcement a week about security holes in 
> redhat for the last two months.  (Most of them were in game packages that 
> most multiuser machines won't have, i.e. abuse, but still...)

Of course, that might only mean that no-one Debian watches for Debian
security holes and reports them...  (I don't know what the correct
situation is, but the number of reports is emphatically not the way
to determine it.)

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